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The Regal Manor HOA is continuously working on a myriad of things to bring a better living experience to its residents. Listed below are a few of those things. If you would like more information or would like to bring a topic to our attention, you can email us at:

Downloadable 2012 Progress Report
Downloadable 2011 Progress Report

Signage and monuments

The entrance monuments located on Regent Parkway by the railroad tracks have been rebranded as "Regal Manor". We are very excited to welcome folks to our community and Association. It took some time to develop new signage and monograms. The monograms will eventually be installed on all entrances.

Infrastructure upgrades are being phased in over the coming months. This includes electricity, water, and irrigation. Low-voltage, LED lighting packages will be installed as well.


We were able to petition Councilman Johnson to approve C-Funds to paint lane-dividing lines along the county-owned portions of A.O. Jones, Starlight Dr, and Regent Pkwy. It's important to remember that the speed limit throughout the community is 25 MPH. The Board approved the installation of permanent, digital radar signs on A.O. Jones and Starlight Dr. They will be installed in 2017.



Our community spans a wide area of land, is bordered by high-traffic throughfares, and is adjacent to two large schools--not to mention our amenity center encompassing the clubhouse, playground, picnic area and pools. We realize that people like to walk, ride or jog and must do so without paved pedestrian areas. We are putting together options to install sidewalks along several areas including safe pathways to the schools. We are partnering with other communities and municipalities to determine the best approach. Once the project is together and all vested parties (York County, Town of Fort Mill, Fort Mill School Board, etc.) have approved and signed off, we can begin the process of requesting funding. There are a number of federal and state programs and grants that are sponsored by federal, state, local and/or private entities for projects such as these. We've made some progress with York County, but we'll need to find funding. Volunteers are needed to help us measure the areas and break them down into multiple, smaller projects. Obtaining support from our local officials will be crucial as financial backing is hard to come by.If you are interested in participating on the Sidewalk Committee, please email us at:

We have spoken to Councilman Michael Johnson about our endeavors and have inquired about possible sources for funds. It's becoming increasingly apparent that it will toake a public/private grant and/or matching funds from the Association. We continue to explore options and opportunities. This effort remains high on our priority list.
The Town of Fort Mill submitted a CMAQ request for sidewalks along Springfield Pkwy. to Nation Ford HS. Their plan included a pedestrian bridge over the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks that would act as a connector to the Carolina Thread Trail. A construction schedule has not been announced, but a copy of their plan can be see here.

The CMAQ request was approved, but upon review it was determined that the project was not budgeted appropriately. However, we have been told that the developr of the new community, Carolina Orchards, will be installing a large portion of those sidewalks and amenities. We'll continue to monitor and post updates as they become available.
We have submitted a request to RFATS and will send a formal CMAQ to them requesting sidewalks along these areas.

The new Del Webb development--Carolina Orchards--is exploring options of constructing the aforementioned pedestrian bridge and connector to the Nation Ford Greenway. We are monitoring this situation closely and have been working with Councilman Johnson, Councilman Huntley, and the Town of Fort Mill to see these come to fruition.

Safety & Security

We utilize CCTV cameras and other methods of monitoring in select areas of the community. We would like to expand the system in the near future.

We work closely with the York County Sheriff's Office on a variety of levels and will hire uniformed officers to meet the Associations needs as necessary.

We also work closely with York County, the Town of Fort Mill, the Fort Mill School district and other municipal entities to ensure safe roadways and future growth. As a general rule, green street signs notate County ownership and maintenance of a road. Blue signs are an indicator that the street is privately owned and therefore under the owner's responsibility for maintenance. This also denotes law enforcement jurisdiction. Publicly-owned roads are under the jurisdiction of the York County Sheriff's office--although the South Carolina Highway Patrol is responsible for accident reports. Private roads may be under the jurisdiction of a SLED-sanctioned private security company (ie: Crime Prevention).

We have asked the local metropolitan planning organization (RFATS) to consider installing a traffic light and crosswalks at the intersection of Starlight Dr. and Regent Pkwy. Based on their feedback, they are more likely to recommend a roundabout. York County does not own any traffic lights--they're all owned and maintained on roads owned by SCDOT. In any case, SCDOT would have to perform preliminary traffic studies and consider any right-of-way impacts.

"Children Playing" signs are installed throughout the community to remind motorists to drive cautiously.

"No Soliciting" signs have been posted as well. In the event solicitation occurs, please call the York County Sheriff's department at (803) 628-3059.


It seems like every day a new home is closing in one of our developments! Each of them are seeing substantial growth while some are nearing completion! With growth comes increases in expenses and maintenance. Did you know the streetlights are leased? They are and they cost over $6,000 a month!

For convenience and sanitory reasons, we’ve installed Dogipot stations throughout the community. The Association owns or maintains over 60 acres of common, natural or open space.

We attempt to maintain working relationships with the developers and builders to ensure continuity and planned development. This approach will minimize future costs and/or obligations on the Association and its members. Common/natural areas, infrastructure, utility costs, entrance monuments, landscaping, street lighting, and construction schedules are a few of the things we attempt to proactively address. For construction in established developments, we attempt to have the builders control work schedules for their subcontractors to minimize interruption or inconvenience to our residents.

Regal Manor Homeowner's Association is almost complete! As of November 2015, we are at nearly 95% of the 941 "rooftops" that will comprise the Association.

Pool fence

We’ve had issues with trespassers jumping the fence. A new fence will cost approximately $40,000. The old fence would be repurposed to other common areas. This will be included in the comprehensive improvement plan.

Pool improvements

The pool is one of the most used amenities in the community. A couple of years ago, we reached out to some engineering, landscaping and hardscaping companies to design an expanded pool deck with a permanent shade structure (like a pergola). The intention is to be able to use the pool area year-round for special events and to provide shade during the pool season. The initial engineering costs to develop the plan were quoted at $100K. We decided that it was cost-prohibitive and tabled the project. We have looked at other shade options including semi-permanent “sails”, large (20’x20’) commercial-grade umbrellas, and other [semi]permanent structures.  Quotes for these items exceed $20K.  We’ve had requests to host events or extended hours at the pool after dark; however, because we don’t have deck lighting, it would be unsafe. However, we do host the Adult Pool Party with temporary, production-style lighting. Installing permanent, code-compliant lighting would be about $20K assuming that the pool deck would not be affected during construction.

The “L-shaped” pool received a major up-fit and refurbishing in 2012. The “jelly bean” pool will need to be refurbished in the next 2-3 years at an estimated cost of $15-20,000.

Additional amenities

We've received many requests for various additional amenites including basketball courts, tennis courts, splash park, playgrounds, exercise paths, more pools and dog parks to name a few. The Board is investing significant funds into future amenities and will invite the membership's input as we go along. Keep in mind that the timing and costs associated to these projects are considerably higher as they would be considered commercial. At this time, the Association is also limited by the amount of real estate that can be developed.

Amenity center

We have had some preliminary discussions about adding another building adjacent to the clubhouse. This amenity center would be a multi-story facility with concessions for the pool area, on-site offices, storage, and larger meeting spaces with a full kitchen. This would obviously be a sizable project and may require a special assessment which the membership would have to approve. We contracted with the Morris-Berg architectural firm to put together a preliminary project. You can download it by clicking the link: Regal Manor Amenity Center PreDesign.

The Association is working with Carolina Surveyors to obtain site engineering plans and information for future expansion. Once the complete survey is complete, the Association must work with the county to obtain permits before work can begin. The first phase of the project would involve relocating the playgrounds and picnic area in order to expand the parking area. This will not only accommodate the existing clubhouse, but future structures as well.

Carolina Surveyors completed the topographical engineering study. We are currently working with CAMCO to provide civil engineering services. We have asked for multiple options that may/may not relocate the playground. This project is at the top of our 2016 capital improvement agenda.

Area behind water tower

The common on Huber behind the water tower in Balmoral is a major aesthetic and maintenance issue. Neither the developer nor the builders have been willing to clean it up. To excavate and install retaining walls to prevent erosion and silt problems is estimated to cost $30,000-$60,000. Even a semi-permanent fix would cost around $18,000. Until a permanent solution can be implemented, we will continue to maintain the area and silt curtain to prevent run-off.

Clubhouse improvements

A couple of years ago, we had various Audio/Video companies provide entertainment solutions for the clubhouse. This included a drop-down screen, high-definition projector, and automated control technology to secure and operate the systems. The cost at that time was anywhere from $10K to $20K. The Social Committee has been requesting this for a while and it would be a potential added revenue stream for clubhouse rentals. Hopefully, we can implement this within the next year or two. In 2014, we replaced the fraying carpet with beautiful laminate flooring. The parking lot was resealed as part of regular maintenance and to protect it from weather damage.


Effective January 1, 2015, the Declarants of Regal Manor Homeowners Association no longer retain their "Class B" membership as described in the CCRs [Part III, Article VI, Section 6.2].This means they no longer have proxy or voting rights in any Association business or meetings. However, any builder that owns a lot retains "Class A" membership privileges afforded to them for each lot.

Reserve Study
Transition Study

York County Gravity/Force Main Sewer Project


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The new pump station is currently under construction. Phase I of the project includes the pump station and a portion of the gravity-fed pipeline. Installation of the force portion of the pipeline is estimated to be underway sometime in late February/early March. Due to a change in the project, the Association is in new negotiations with the county. This will impact some residents along the northwest portion of Durand Rd. in Baden Village. Questions regarding the project can be sent to the Board who will work with the project manager and construction superintendent.



Regal Manor welcomes CAMS as the Association's new management company.

Kieley Wilson is our new community manager:

office 704.731.5560

Calendar of Events...

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If you have a suggestion or would like to help, please email the Social Committee

Bunco is held the second Monday of every month at 6:45p.

The Board of Directors meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30p

All events will take place at the clubhouse unless otherwise noted. Dates/times may change without notice. Refer to the Regal Manor Facebook page for the latest information.